Happier New Year... (please),

Welcome to Day 1 of the Complicity Cleanse. Normally you will only receive your menu link, but since this is the beginning (and the first day of 2017!) we’d like to offer a short preface and some recipes for success!

What to expect
Every day, for 21 days, you will receive a menu loaded with suggestions on how to live more mindfully, more equitably, more aware of (and less complicit in) the suffering of others. You signed up because this is what you wish for the world, so please make an effort, try. Each menu is designed to use no more than 1-hour total of your day, most likely less than that. But remember, part of doing a cleanse — any kind of cleanse — is that your entire day is made different by participating.

Over the course of 21-days we try to tackle many of the undertones of oppression in order to identify our unconscious participation. We aim to cleanse (if you will) the collective colon, liver, and blood from contaminants that we have consumed through our lifetimes. This takes both time and effort. We hope that these menus give you more time to take in, give up, and reach out strategically. We ask that even if you consider yourself an expert on a particular subject, you partake in all sections of the menu. For the duration of the cleanse, cultivate a “beginners mind,” one full of possibility rather than cynicism, limiting expertise, or hopelessness.

The Menu
Appetizers - set the tone for the cleanse with a quote, a poem, an artist’s work.

Mains - should fill you up. This is where you spend much of your designated time, consciously digesting readings, videos, and podcasts. Each day 2-4 mains will be offered, some take longer than others. Ingest what you can, remembering you can return to them later that day if needed. You don’t have to consume everything at once.

 Sides - enhance and compliment the main dish. This is the action/contemplation/consideration part of the menu. Do as many as you can, but at least 1 each day. Sides are there to help us create a new way of thinking and acting that is less complicit with the suffering of others. Much like a regular menu the sides are something we can sample and try. They may be a totally different way of thinking, or something more familiar-- but we have little to loose if we give them a try.

Desserts - mmmMMMMmmmm! Desserts are not superfluous, they are recipes for survival. Like any meal— don’t skip the meal and just go dessert— you’ll miss the magic, beauty, and possibility. But also— don’t skip dessert!— Desserts in this context are an important part of maintaining a lifetime and lifestyle rooted in social justice. We don’t want you to burn out— self care is an imperative part of collective wellness.

Ok! Your first cleanse is just below, click on the image and download the interactive PDF. We will also post the menus on our website, just in case your dog eats your e-mail. You can direct friends, family and frenemies there at any point along the way, it’s never too late to sign up. Which reminds us — do the cleanse with other folks as much as you can. This means daily check-ins, shared spaces, and exchanges. Like all cleanses, the Complicity Cleanse requires 21 days of effort, vigilance, and sometimes difficult adjustments. It’s important to hold each other accountable, to call in, to ask questions, to challenge, shift, learn, divest and to become empowered by what we once thought was our weakness.

We got this.


If you have questions, comments, feedback along the way, our website is a great resource. You can also e-mail Complicit.Bias@gmail.com, and we will do our best to respond.