Hope is a little bit like cleaning out the attic, it's constantly moving things around, throwing things away, re-organizing our thinking, intentions, beliefs, and understanding. As Maria Popova reminds us, "critical thinking without hope is cynicism, but hope without critical thinking is naivete. Finding fault and feeling hopeless about our situation, produces resignation. But believing blindly that everything will work out just fine, is also a resignation- because we have no motive to make us and our world better. We need to bridge critical thinking with hope."

This page is intended to be an on-going bridge, a human built platform that facilitates the intersection of critical thinking and hope. The images are, and are connected to moments of delight, resistance, play and hope. You have to engage with the images to see the links (if you are using a smartphone look for a little dot in the corner that will lead you to hopeful news). The images and links aren't necessarily related-  we are just offering a double dose of playfulness, wonder, and inspiration.

If you stumble upon something that gives you hope in your own life and would like to share it with us, send us an email, we would be honored to share. Cheers to our future.