A zillion little things...

There are a zillion little things we can do everyday to make a better version of ourselves and our world. We know this because, we do a zillion little things everyday.

The Complicity Cleanse is born out of the awareness that we all can do a little better, a little more, and take a little less. It is a product of the expandable curriculum for The Solitary Gardens and the contributions, ideas, time, and sweat equity of many.

The Complicity Cleanse is a collaborative project generated from the collision of shock, grief, disbelief, false powerlessness, power, gratitude, wisdom, and hope. There are many people who have influenced this project; those that have loved beyond measure-- and those who have discovered their identity through hatred and oppression. The Complicity Cleanse does not intend to further the narrative of US versus THEM, but rather make possible-- us AS them. We have power in every thought, every word, everything we consume with our eyes, ears, and mouths.

We have power.


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