noun com·plic·i·ty \kəm-ˈpli-s(ə-)tē\

1. the state of being an accomplice; partnership or involvement in wrongdoing:

This is the age of the cleanse. Juice cleanses, colon cleanses, the master cleanse, sugar detoxes, the coffee enema all claim to rid the body of toxins, poisons, pollutants, the unwanted and the unseen. But the work is bigger than our bodies. Toxins fill our air, our landscape, our government, our media, our periphery, our interior, our exterior, our unconscious. We are made not only of what we eat, but of what we collectively consume. The world we are building is begging us to be more conscious.

It is easy to shame the corporate person and blame the armature of oppression as if it were a separate existence: climate change is the fault of the Koch Brothers; prisons are birthed out of a strategic exception in the 13th Amendment; police magnetize their bullets to Black bodies; the Courts are stacked; conservatives are out of touch; separation walls are Fascist. It is far less satisfying to acknowledge that we -- the good, the open-minded, the well-intended, We The People -- unconsciously approved the prototype of these designs.

We must challenge each other to disempower the systems of oppression we have been complicit in creating. The Complicity Cleanse uses the format of a 21-day cleanse to begin the lifelong work of reducing our complicity in the triumph of patriarchy, sexism, xenophobia, heterosexism, racism, hatred, fear, classism and the victory lap of conservatism.

There are two ways to cleanse: Sign Up above and receive an automated 21-day Cleanse. Each day you will receive a menu that contains a daily dose of information, resources, questions, actions, challenges-- little things to do every single day. The idea is to create a platform of presence in order to forge habits that divest our complicity from the mechanisms of oppression.  Sign Up below and receive the on-going once a week menu. These menus will be a continuation of topics covered in the 21-day cleanse but, more concurrent with events and global needs. Once we are aware of our entanglements, we can earnestly begin to dismantle all that allows for the pernicious "-isms" of American identity. Everything on the menu is a suggestion, that will hopefully become a contemplation, a conversation, an act, and eventually an awakened pattern. Little by little we will lesson our enurement with white supremacist, patriarchal rule, and our complicity in the suffering of others. We will learn how to act on behalf of society as whole, evolving together.

This cleanse is designed to inform you how to consume less: less of the bullshit, less products, less jargon, less violence, less ignorance, less of what makes you feel less so you can love more. Each day you will become more mindful of your responsibility in a country built by pussy-grabbing, slave-owning, xenophobic, power-hungry dominance. We have been conditioned to inhabit an architecture of complicity, but once we locate the key, we can free ourselves and declare the structure condemned. We hope this might be a beginning to a lifetime of meaningful work.

PS: This Cleanse, is totally free-